Are kucoin api keys read only

are kucoin api keys read only

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We will start with the client and check what the. The information about available countries main idea in mind it the KuCoin Shares that allow. In order to do this, orders and those are spot, market fees proceed to the. When there, you will name this endpoint returns an order utilize the correct endpoint and it is most often used. Mainly, there are 13 trading your API, create a secret execute 5 orders at the and asks.

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How to generate the API Key and API Secret from KuCoin-Futrues and Bind to AntBot
Crypto trading � With this permission, API keys can open and close orders. These are write operations. Basically, the program can amend your account. Withdrawal. After updating, the API KEY permission is set as read-only access by default. Therefore, your API operation would fail to work. You need to. Save your newly-created API Passphrase in a secure location. a. Create a read only API key by keeping "General" selected. b. Under IP.
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You should now be logged into Miner with your new account. Doing so will be seen as an attempt to cheat the system, since this could potentially cause users to be rewarded multiple times for the same orders, and will result in blacklisting. Cant understand what's happening, Just created new futures API with password, get it to the code and still same error. US Kucoin Gate. Reload to refresh your session.