Not your keys not your crypto

not your keys not your crypto

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Binance will not let me withdraw my DOGE, NOT YOUR KEYS NOT YOUR COINS
�Not your keys, not your coins� is a widely recognized phrase in the crypto world and is related to the importance of private keys in. �Not your keys, not your crypto� means that if you don't hold your private key using either a self-hosted or private key wallet, then someone. The term "not your keys, not your coins" means that you're not in complete control over your cryptocurrency unless it's stored in a digital.
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Cryptoassets are potentially traceable, however. Getting the stay lifted, however, will require them to file a lift stay motion with the court and possibly litigate the issue. Customers who kept their bitcoins in wallets on Mt. Because exchanges are able to achieve transaction account savings through bundling and netting, they are able to offer customers even better execution prices than bilateral trades, further encouraging use of exchanges by investors. The technical workings of Bitcoin transfers can involve the combination of and splitting of particular bitcoin balances, but this complication is not relevant for understanding this hypothetical.