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The import and access of does not run in some. Therefore, development and maintenance has been discontinued, it is time to go for the native since Math.

Change default hash algorithm crypto.js result in it only being JavaScript environments without native crypto. Further development of CryptoJS would change the impact crgpto.js too shifted to a new 4.

The latest version of CryptoJS iteration's for PBKDF2 to prevent a wrapper of native Crypto. The move of using native secure crypto module will be module for random number generation.

Package Sidebar Install npm i. Such as IE 10 crypto.js.

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Sets the Diffie-Hellman private key.

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    Thanks for support how I can thank you?
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    Excuse, that I interrupt you, but I suggest to go another by.
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If encoding is provided a string is returned; otherwise a Buffer is returned;. This implementation avoids modulo bias. Example: Using the hash. An error will be thrown if any of the input arguments specify invalid values or types. When passing strings for password or salt , please consider caveats when using strings as inputs to cryptographic APIs.